Problem With Average

Come take a walk inside my head. Stay if you like or don't.

Yesterday you said the words that could make my heart float like Chinese lanterns in the midnight sky and darling, I stood there watching. Favors returned once again but we share no feeling. You look for what you can receive and I check for ulterior motives.

This isn’t how its supposed to be, I keep on telling myself but I don’t have the strength to be held in my thoughts again. Loneliness is a room filled with dying flowers and you cannot help them. You cannot help yourself. 

I let you try. A smile fleeting like rain on a windshield and I keep thinking about permanence, love. But I am the wind, too scared to stay in one place and too tired of leaving. Trees be my savior for the night and its back to guiding ships again for me.

Darling, what if this is how we meet? What if you’re meant to be? What if I leave? Questions that I’ll never know the answers to and neither will you. I wonder if you ask them too. Maybe you’ll be kissing the moonlight tomorrow and maybe the waves will wash me clean. Maybe you are the ocean, darling or the sea and I’ve been hiding behind the clouds. 

Maybe I’m just too sick of being a compass and so I wait. So wish upon an empty sky, for you. While you pray with folded hands for her ship to sail back.

- And maybe hope will make us fall.

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